The Top 10 Electric Skateboards under $500

Ready to try an electric skateboard, but unsure which is the best? Or do you have one in mind, but the prices are all out of reach? Rest easy and visit our top ten electric skateboards under $500.

Looking for an electric skateboard? Chances are you probably want one that's durable, gets you places at a decent speed, and stops reliably — all at a reasonable price. 

And while we all know you can get top of the line features with some of the more expensive boards (like the $2,300 Mellow Drive Electric Skateboard, the $2,160 Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1, and the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard for $1,600), we also know there are many among us who love to board but can't get near those prices. 

The good news? We found some great boards for much more affordable rates, and they offer some of the most impressive features as well. So without further ado, here are... 

The top 10 electric skateboards for $500 or less

Blink Lite

If you're just starting out, don't have far to go, or aren't sure whether you'll love transporting via board just yet, the Blink Lite from ACTON is for you.

Dubbed "the world's lightest electric skateboard," the Blink Lite is a feathery 7.7 pounds, super easily transported, can carry up to 180 lbs., and travels at a max 10 mph speed reasonable for a busy campus or neighborhood. The accompanying handheld remote determines your direction forward or backward, turns, and gives you control over acceleration, deceleration, and even braking.

  • Price: $249.00.
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds.
  • Length: 27 inches.
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? Up to 5 miles; requires 2 hours to fully recharge.
  • Top speed: 10 mph. (This can always be impacted by the rider's weight, road surface, etc.)
  • Single or dual motor? It uses a Single Hub motor.
  • Where can I buy this? You can get it from the Acton site here.
  • Anything extra cool?  The Blink Lite connects via Bluetooth to an app which can map out your routes,  keep track of your distances, set up challenges with other riders, etc. 


  • Great safety features, like LED lights that alert your presence on dark or dreary days
  • Waterproof, splash-proof body
  • Super lightweight for easy carrying along on trips or wherever


  • 2 hours recharging time
  • Handheld remote startup is a bit less responsive than some others (requires a full, deliberate prompting before the board starts moving - although this might be a 'pro' to some beginners, since the super responsive option may be so forceful, you fall off at first!)

Bottom Line:

The Blink Lite is great for beginners, recommended for kids even as young as 6 or 7 on up to teens. While this is a great board for campus or neighborhood riding, heavy vehicle traffic should be avoided. As always, helmets are strongly suggested. Skater newbies may want to watch this review before you start off — it covers the ins and outs of the Blink Lite so you can prepare for your first ride properly. Enjoy!

Benchwheel Dual

The Benchwheel Dual hides its hardware in a slim, waterproof compartment, powers itself with 2-1800w motors, climbs hills like a champ, and has a handy cutout along one side to allow for easy carrying without a scratch. 

It also comes with integrated LED lights for safety, a regenerative braking system, and a remote control (the remote also needs to be charged, along with the board) which serves to up the speed or otherwise control the board while you're riding (you'll need to stop to change direction to reverse, just fyi).

  • Price: For this electric skateboard, Amazon is your best bet for pricing. They've got some brand new ones up for $499 right now, and, of course, the used ones for less than that.
  • Weight: 17.2 pounds; can carry up to 250 lbs.
  • Length: 40 inches (this is a longboard - as are a few of the following boards of similar lengths).
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? 12 miles. Takes 3 hours to charge.
  • Top speed: Up to 20 mph.
  • Single or dual motor? Dual 1800 watt motors are on each side of the board.
  • Where can I buy this? Try Amazon first for your best prices; otherwise the Benchwheel website has them up for full price.
  • Anything extra cool?  3 layers of high quality bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass contribute to the board's durability and grip.    


  • Safely tucks away components to minimize risk of damage
  • Powerful motors are great for hills
  • Long-lasting and resilient for any type of climate
  • Placement of the hand cutout evenly distributes weight of the board for easy carrying


  • 3 hours charging time
  • Some felt the board was a bit stiff, making the ride less pleasant

Bottom Line:

Longboards ride differently than skateboards, so if you're unfamiliar, be sure to practice a while with the Benchwheel Dual before you take it out on the road. And just because it can go 20 mph doesn't mean you must go that fast. Adjust your speed as you feel comfortable. 

Check the company website if it ever develops problems; there are trouble-shooting videos to help you figure out what to do. If you run out of charge, just grab it by the cutout and carry it. Overall, this is a nice, high quality cruiser for running errands, hustling to class or the library, or some tame, small town riding.

Maxfind Max B

Third on our list of the best durable, cheap electric skateboards comes the Maxfind Max B, built wide and sturdy for long rides to work, class, running errands, or just enjoying the weather. Constructed of customized 8-Ply Canadian Maple, the deck of these boards  will remain durable yet flexible for numerous hours of riding enjoyment.

The Max B is lightweight for easy portability, has built-in LED lights for visibility, and the remote control adjusts your speed mode as well as direction (forward/backward.) Beginner riding mode goes up to a little over 6 mph and sport mode takes it up 17 mph. 

  • Price: $369.00.
  • Weight: Appx 10 lbs., can carry up to 220 lbs,
  • Length: 38 inches.
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? One 70-minute charge can give 7-8 miles of travel. The remote needs charging too, and takes about 30 minutes to fully charge. 
  • Top speed: 17 mph.
  • Single or dual motor? The Max B has dual 500w motors.
  • Where can I buy this? Their website has it for $369.00.
  • Anything extra cool?  Has 2 riding modes, and two cutout handles on both sides of each board for ease of carrying.


  • 2 riding modes allow beginners to start out slow and limits speed to 17 mph for safety
  • You can still use it as a regular skateboard if the battery runs out, or carry it if you prefer
  • Constructed with the ideal materials for skateboarding, backed up by a full year warranty
  • Includes universal adapter to allow charging anywhere you take it


  • Can only handle 25-degree angle climbs; too much uphill riding runs the battery out fast
  • Although some reviews claim the MaxFind Max B is waterproof, their site FAQ instructs riders to avoid water and points out that water damage will, in fact, void your warranty

Bottom Line:

Well-made and eco-friendly with superior portability, the Max B is perfect for new riders, young riders, or those who like to cruise to and from work or other nearby spots. The 2 riding modes let new riders grow accustomed to the board before adding speed. Enjoy an un-boxing, demonstration of the remote functions and a practice ride here

Atom Electric

Atom Electric makes several electric boards in our under $500 price range, which you can peruse here at your leisure. We chose the Atom B10X All Terrain Electric Longboard:

The Atom B10X All Terrain Electric Longboard comprises the most sought-after features of all the top electric skateboards and then, according to their site, "takes it off-road."

You'll get up that hill easily with the Atom B10X's 1000w motor off road electric skateboard, stay grounded as the low center of gravity keeps you close to the earth, and get rejuvenated as the regenerative braking re-ups your power while you come to a smooth stop. 

There's two speed modes for different types of riders (or varying surfaces) controlled by the remote, a battery level indicator to let you know when it's time to re-charge, and a fully encased battery system protected from the elements. 

  • Price: You can get these boards here for $499.95. 

  • Weight: 14 lbs., can carry up to 200 lbs. 
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? Appx 7 miles. Battery takes two hours to fully charge. (Estimates are based on a 155-pound person riding conservatively on flat terrain; weight and terrain differences may alter the range for each rider).
  • Top speed: 15 mph.
  • Single or dual motor? Single 1000w motor.
  • Where can I buy this? It's available on their website as well as Amazon for the same price.
  • Anything extra cool? The regenerative brakes re-charge your power as you stop. The designers are skaters themselves.


  • Smoothly transitions through acceleration/stopping/slowing down 
  • Calling customer service gets you a live, friendly human in Colorado
  • Can make it over brick, sticks, bumps, gravel, cracks in the concrete, pine cones, etc.


  • You'll make it up steeper hills than most boards, but only if you gain momentum on a flat surface first
  • Has trouble riding over grass, definitely won't make it across sand
  • Some had trouble charging their board (wouldn't charge), but customer service replaced with new board
  • Some had trouble with boards "glitching out" after a few rides

Bottom Line:

This board is perfect for beginners. You'll make it up steeper hills than other boards and across some cracks and gravel, but if you want this board to last, you'll spend at least some of your time on flat surfaces riding smoothly. If you experience any problems with your board, contact customer service right away. As long it isn't due to misuse, you'll likely get a new board.

Blitzart Tornado

Another of the best electric skateboards we found for less than $500 is the BLITZART Tornado:

The BLITZART Tornado electric skateboard comprises a slightly concave deck of layered bamboo and 8ply maple, smooth 3.5 inch polyurethane wheels, and a single 350w hub motor.

It has a slim, clean appearance, and comes with an ergonomic remote control and wrist string for handheld acceleration, reversing, and braking.

  • Price: $299.99 on Amazon, out of stock on their site but normally it's $279.
  • Weight: 13 lbs.; it can carry up to 300 pounds.
  • Length: 38 inches.
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? 6-8 miles; it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.
  • Top speed: Up to 17 mph (some report going faster on flat, smooth surfaces).
  • Single or dual motor? This board has a single 350w hub motor.
  • Where can I buy this? Amazon has it here.
  • Anything extra cool?  Bring the handy charger with you if your ride is longer than usual, charge it wherever you go. It only takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge.


  • An excellent value for the price
  • Ready to go straight out the box
  • Smooth coasting and braking
  • Easy to push ride if battery dies
  • Great customer service


  • Mediocre appearance
  • Won't stop immediately; keep this in mind - the board does brake, but it's a gradual stop. Also may not be able to stop completely on a steep incline

Bottom Line:

The BLITZART Tornado is superior to others at this price point. Great for beginners but also surprisingly fun for experienced riders. If you're on a steep hill, you may want to carry the board down. Some have noted it picks up speed going downhill even if the brake is fully applied on a steep enough hill. 

Finally, if you like the Blitzart Tornado, you may also want to check out the Blitzart Huracane here (yes, we know it's spelled wrong) — they're about the same price with just a few variations.

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard

If you've been skating a while and you're ready to add some speed but need to keep your spending down, the reasonably priced and aptly named Skatebolt Electric Skateboard is probably ideal for you. 

Its 1000w dual motors get you up to 25 mph and can travel as far as 15.5 miles between charges. 

Constructed of 9 layers of maple, the board's superior flexibility is backed up by both ABS and regenerative braking, as well as two modes of riding speed for switching between slow, smooth terrain, and uphill or difficult surfaces.

LED lights increase visibility both in front and back of the board for safety, plus there's an LED indicator of battery status to let you know when you'll be need a charge.

  • Price: Get one gently used here for $491.47, or on the Skatebolt site for a bit higher price of $599.
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs., can carry up to 280 lbs. 
  • Length: 39 inches
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? Up to 15.5 miles; needs to charge from 2-4 hours.
  • Top speed: 25 mph
  • Single or dual motor? Dual 
  • Where can I buy this? Amazon has it the cheapest; you can also find it on the Skatebolt site for higher.
  • Anything extra cool?  It has a waterproof rating of IP33 — explained here.


  • Plenty of speed
  • Lights increase visibility and notify re: battery status
  • Great range
  • Sleek, stylish, modern appearance
  • Earned lots of safety certifications (including RoHS, LVD, FCC, and EMC)


  • Heavy
  • Full charging time can be up to 4 hours

Bottom Line:

The Skatebolt is a great-looking board, touting plenty of safety certifications, offering top speeds for the experienced rider. You might get tired carrying it at nearly 20 pounds, so pay attention to the LED battery status indicator and be sure to charge it as needed.

Swagtron Swagboard

Get the kids outside and active again with a Swagtron Swagboard. Ideal for the skate park, leisurely neighborhood cruising, or trips back and forth to school, Swagboards travel up to 11 mph, can charge in 90 minutes (need 3 hours for a full charge), and come with remotes to adjust speed or start cruise control.

Swagboards are comprised of 7-ply maple, durable double polyurethane wheels, top quality grip tape, and a UL certified battery.

And at 9.5 lbs, they're incredibly lightweight and easy to transport.

There are several kinds of Swagtron electric skateboards, including the NG-1 pictured:

The NG-1 is a great choice for a cheap electric skateboard, especially for first timers or kids to amuse themselves around the neighborhood at safe speeds. 

  • Price: The NG-1 is $179.99 on the Swagtron site.
  • Weight:  9.5 lbs.; can support up to 176 lbs.
  • Length: 32 inches.
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? Appx 6-10 miles (less if you run it full speed constantly); takes about 3 hours to fully charge.
  • Top speed: 11 mph.
  • Single or dual motor? Single.
  • Where can I buy this? You can get it from the Swagtron site, or Best Buy also has it for $174.99. There are several other types of Swagtron electric skateboards you can check out here as well.
  • Anything extra cool?  Use the remote's cruise control feature to maintain your speed without the need for throttle 


  • You can use it as a regular skateboard if you make sure it's off first
  • Protected by the Swagtron® gold-standard one-year warranty
  • Cruise control feature is very cool


  • Some had trouble re-charging their battery
  • Some had trouble with remotes not working

Bottom Line:

The Swagtron Swagboard is great for kicks, enjoying some leisure time around the skate park or the neighborhood. If you notice any problems, contact the place where you purchased the board and before you purchase, make sure you understand their refund policy. If you purchased it from the Swagtron site, review their refund and warranty info here.


With a 16-mile range, top speed of 16 mph, and the ability to climb hills up to a 15 degree angle, Liftboard electric skateboards brings you the best features for less.

Liftboards include wireless remotes and lithium ion batteries, can fully charge in 3 hours, and have built-in handles for ease of carrying.

Stay on the smoothest pavement or veer off into a series of hills. The Liftboard's high performance 80 mm wheels can handle whatever the ride throws at you. And the 900 watt brushless DC motor gets you all around town, the neighborhood, or campus while maintaining maximum efficiency.

For your next skateboard, give your electric options a try at Liftboard. The price is perfect and the features are top of the line - and customer reviews indicate this is a cheaper version of the highly-sought-after-but-uber-pricey Boosted Board.

  • Price: $499.00 on Liftboard site; Amazon has them for $268.97.
  • Weight: 15 lbs.; can carry up to 265 pounds.
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? 16 miles, takes 3 hours to fully charge. 
  • Lights indicate how much battery you have left: 
  • 3 lights = 100 percent 
  • 2 lights = 65 percent 1 light = 35 percent 
  • Flashing lights = less than 10 percent 
  • Top speed: 16 mph - even with the single motor model.
  • Single or dual motor? They make one of each. The single motor model is 900w and is further described here for $499, and the dual motor model is here, slightly above our price cutoff at $599. Compare them at a glance here. *We're reviewing the single motor model for purposes of this article.
  • Where can I buy this? You can get them on the Liftboard site here, but you compare prices and see if there are better deals on them elsewhere. Amazon has them for a bit lower price, Best Buy has them at the same price as Liftboard's ($499), and this person founds theirs at a discount at Sam's Club, for a few examples.
  • Anything extra cool?  These are made with an open belt design to prevent debris from getting lodged in the belt and decreasing belt life. They come with an extra belt replacement, too.


  • Holds charge well; has lights to indicate how much battery charge is left
  • Has two riding modes (beginner and fast modes)
  • Comes with a skate tool to adjust the trucks
  • Goes up to 16 mph, but on steep downhills has the capacity to remain at 16 mph so as not to cause safety problems


  • Some were unable to get into faster riding mode

Bottom Line:

The Liftboard will generally get you anywhere within a few miles if you ride conservatively and won't need recharged until approximately 16 miles have been covered. (Some found getting all the way to 16 mph was not necessary as beginner or casual riding speeds are high enough at 10 - 11 mph.)  Indicator lights let you know approximately what percentage of charge you have remaining. 

A super fun item, this would make a great Christmas present for the right kid/young adult - or the young-at-heart older adult! (we heard there were deals going at Sam's Club right now until Christmas with a discounted 3-year warranty to go with it, but they're probably not the only discount deal in town - shop around!)

And once you've got the kids' presents covered, is it time to shop for yourself or the S/O? Why not give an adult electric board a shot? We recommend you first try out one of the following:


Since some avid riders have called these the 'best budget e-boards on the market', we knew we had to share the WowGo board in our next review. 

While they sell several types of boards on their website, we're taking a look at the WowGo 2S model today, which features an upgraded battery and ESC, rides an easy 10-12 miles on a single charge (or even further), has 3 riding modes and reaches top speeds of 38 km/hour (converts to approximately 23-24 mph) in the fastest mode, and handles hills up to a 25%-30% incline.

Multiple layers of maple and bamboo comprise the concave and convex deck of the WowGo 2S, and the board also features intuitive regenerative braking.

When you open your WowGo box, you'll see there's a completely assembled WowGo board, a remote control, extra deck foam, 1 adapter and charger, 1 wrench tool for maintenance, a WowGo hat, and one rear red LED light:

And although some disagree with the waterproofing of boards and suggest simply keeping them away from water entirely, there is a video of how to waterproof your board here, included as part of the WowGo website instructions.

  • Price: $439.99 on the WowGo site.
  • Weight: 16.7 lbs; can carry 280 lbs. (recommended weight is 264 pounds or less).
  • Length: 38 inches.
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? 10-12 miles; takes  2.5-3 hours with their provided 2A charger (3.5 hours with the usual charger 1.5A).
  • Top speed: 23-24 mph on fastest riding mode.
  • Single or dual motor? Dual, 90mm (3.54inch) diameter hub motor x 2 .
  • Where can I buy this? You can get it on their website here.
  • Anything extra cool? Watch a demonstration here; the speed might surprise you! (He compares the controller to the same quality as a Boosted Board controller, too,  just fyi).


  • Very quiet ride
  • High quality remote controllers
  • Rides nicely over bricks and uneven terrain
  • Has 3 riding modes; reaches speeds of up to 23-24 mph on fastest mode
  • No tax and free shipping showed up when I went to order one


  • They discuss waterproofing, but read their FAQ response to the question 'How water resistant is this board?' here

Bottom Line:

WowGo eboards are great for beginners or slightly advanced boarders, and can guarantee miles of fun - and they're faster than any of the others we've reviewed today. On a final note, we must say that we agree with the advice Talon Sei gave: Although they may have great waterproofing capabilities, keep them as dry as possible.

Phoenix Ryders

Our tenth and final review is devoted to the Phoenix Ryders Alouette electric skateboard.

With a design that's been compared to a Boosted Board, the Alouette is comprised of durable layered maple wood and sturdy 51 mm wheels.

  • Price: $299.99 on Amazon here
  • Weight: 9.92 lbs; can carry up to 220 lbs.
  • Length: 32.2 inches.
  • How far can it travel between charges (battery life)? Appx 12 miles; takes 2 hours to fully charge.
  • Top speed: 12.4 mph.
  • Single or dual motor?  83mm Brushless Hub Dual-motors; each 350W.
  • Where can I buy this? This model is for sale on Amazon here. You can get several other types of Phoenix Ryder electric boards, as well as some replacement pieces for the Alouette, on their site here.
  • Anything extra cool?  Boards make an alarm sound when they need to re-charge soon.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Superb on small hills (up to 15 degree inclines)


  • Some complain the deck feels stiff due to where the battery is mounted
  • Some say the brakes are very touchy, so brace yourself when you're ready to stop (Get used to this feature on low speeds before you attempt the higher speeds and wear helmet and pads please)
  • Some had trouble reaching customer service by phone

Bottom Line:

Nice speed and range for beginners or advanced without the need for excessive speed. Several said they purchased for kids or themselves and loved them - great gifts.

So: what do you think? Did any of our finds pique your interest? We're betting on some of our readers doing a little early holiday shopping after this one. So if that's you, be sure to tell us - what did you buy? Did you find anything great out there that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

AND Before you go running off: Here's something you need to know how to do for safety reasons, whether you have an electric skateboard or any other kind. FOOT BRAKING. Take a look at Tyson from Boosted Boards as he shows you how it's done here. And some reviews also recommend that if you need to stop immediately and your electric remote won't stop quickly enough, (or if you're about to fall) you'll need to learn how to safely jump off the board without injury. Consult the pros for that skill here


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